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Clean energy is

the only way


That's why here at Terrenus,

Innovation is at the heart of

everything we do.

Innovative cleantech solutions​

Smart energy systems design​

Innovative cleantech solutions​

Sustainable city applications​

What’s In Our DNA:

The Terrenus Way.

Our Projects.Projects.

Singapore’s First Solar Farm

Singapore’s Largest Ground-Mounted Solar Farm

World’s First 4-in-1 Renewable Energy Generator

Solar for SmallMediumLarge Business.

We offer solar plans tailored for small, medium, and large businesses.
Harness the sun’s rays to generate green energy and lots and lots of power savings.​

Visit our commercial website to learn more.​

🌈 Fun Fact 🌈
6.6 GWh generated power annually is equivalent to powering 1,475 4-room HDB flats for one entire year. Yes!
That's Cool!
💡 Did You Know? 💡
Renewable energy is the fastest-growing source of energy in the world?
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🌈 Fun Fact ☺
Renewable energy creates 5x more jobs than fossil fuels. Ohhh!
💡 Did You Know? 💡
Renewable energy can help you save money!
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Terrenus Energy

Terrenus Energy

Terrenus Energy