Why flip the switch on fossil fuels.


energy generation

& enable data and trade.

Aggregating distributed energy resources removes our reliance on large centralised plants that conventionally run on fossil fuels. This gives rise to Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) and microgrid models that empower end-users with higher control and greater agency over energy.


the energy sector

by accelerating renewable power
deployment through innovation.

If we want the world to remain habitable in the future, we need to mitigate, stop, and reverse the rise in global temperatures. To do that, the world must transition away from carbon-based energy sources that emit harmful greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere and expedite the dispatch of zero-carbon alternatives at scale.


to create intelligent

prosumer-enhanced energy
ecosystems for modern users.

As energy demand skyrockets, renewable energy plants must be configurable to meet complex market demands and keep the grid from becoming too volatile. Digitalisation infuses layers of intelligence into power systems, enabling learning, adapting and evolving along with energy user needs.



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6.6 GWh generated power annually is equivalent to powering 1,475 4-room HDB flats for one entire year. Yes!
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Renewable energy is the fastest-growing source of energy in the world?
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Renewable energy creates 5x more jobs than fossil fuels. Ohhh!
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Renewable energy can help you save money!
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