SolarLand 1


World’s First 4-In-1 Energy Generator.

SolarLand 1 Ext

25 to 30 MWp (estimated)

At least 31.5 GWh generated annually

equivalent to powering

7,040 4-room HDB flats for one entire year,

9,980 tonnes of carbon emissions reduced annually

1,320 cars taken off the road

707,360 trees planted

The Detail:

Seeing the available potential of the area surrounding SL1 to harness various renewable energy sources, TE sought to extend the project and submitted a new proposal in early 2020. The idea is to deploy new technologies including floating solar, vertical wind turbines, wave energy converters, and energy storage to create a hybrid powerplant. When completed, this renewable energy plant will offer the highest energy density in the world and will be the first to integrate solar, wind, wave, and hydrokinetic generators into one facility for 24-hour baseload generation.

The project was awarded in June 2020 and is set to be operational in mid-2022.

Highest generation density in the world Singapore’s first hybrid renewable powerplant Testbed for various novel renewable technologies




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6.6 GWh generated power annually is equivalent to powering 1,475 4-room HDB flats for one entire year. Yes!
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Renewable energy is the fastest-growing source of energy in the world?
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Renewable energy creates 5x more jobs than fossil fuels. Ohhh!
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Renewable energy can help you save money!
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