Singapore’s first solar farm .

SolarLand 1

5.3 MWp

6.6 GWh generated annually

equivalent to powering

1,475 4-room HDB flats for one entire year.


faster deployment Container concept Plug-and-play modules

The Detail:

Phase 1 of JTC Corporation’s Solar Land programme was awarded to TE in April 2018 following a successful tender process. Upon completion in June 2019, SL1 began supplying the grid with concentrated solar power, blazing the trail for the industry as the first grid-connected solar farm in Singapore. Sitting on interim vacant land, TE applied containerisation and a “plug-and-play” concept to cut assembly and disassembly times by 30% for enhanced mobility. The portable design saves time and cost should the land need to be reclaimed for future development, making it suitable for land-scarce areas like Singapore.

Following SL1’s success, proposed to extend the boundaries and capacity of the project to build the world’s first generator integrating 4 renewable sources.




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6.6 GWh generated power annually is equivalent to powering 1,475 4-room HDB flats for one entire year. Yes!
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Renewable energy is the fastest-growing source of energy in the world?
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Renewable energy creates 5x more jobs than fossil fuels. Ohhh!
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